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Custom order on a 2x2.5m canvas

This work is now in its new home in the old town of Tallinn, but over the last half a year, I created a strong bond with it and I miss it quite a bit. Long nights in the studio, while drinking wine myself, I always poured a little on the canvas too, will be remembered for a long time. If it had been smaller in size, I would definitely have cuddled it.

- a wide-smiling, sleepless and stressed artist before transporting the painting

Creating this had a rather interesting story. One nice evening, guests visited the studio and at that time I had not yet built out my own studio and was sharing the space with other artists. One drunken visitor decided to take a spray can and drew a gigantic circle in the middle of the canvas. Besides the fact that I hadn't used that particular tone myself and it was quite noticeable, the spray line was also incredibly thick and sprawling - the opposite of my thin lines. A couple of months passed and 20 layers later it was a distant past, but at that moment I would have almost fainted.

I could talk about the concept on the canvas all evening. Come visit my studio and if you wish, I can talk more or less about it!

Transporting it:

Up close:


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