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Exhibition at Elva Cultural Center: Umbra Studio "Parallel Reality"

On December 1st, the exhibition "Parallel Reality" by Umbra Studio opened at Elva Cultural Center, and it will be open until January 31, 2022. Admission is free, and the opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.

The new exhibition presents unique artworks that allow the audience to experience the inner world of the artists and momentarily step away from the winter's gray mood into an alternative dimension filled with vibrant colors.

- Elva Culture Centre

The organizer, Ingmar Roomets, who is also a member of Umbra, will definitely gain valuable experience after successfully organizing the exhibition, but he sees it more as a beginning rather than an end. During the interview, I wanted to know if he feels capable and willing to do the same thing on a larger scale - for example, in Tartu's Aparaaditehas, Tallinn's Telliskivi Creative City, or even abroad. We discussed future plans, different opportunities to make a breakthrough, and the risks associated with them. Roomets approaches challenges with a positive attitude and feels that as long as he learns from his mistakes and keeps moving forward, no goal is insurmountable.

The curated exhibition "Paralleelreaalsus" at Elva Cultural Center was my first larger and more public undertaking where the responsibility was largely on my shoulders. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to practice curating with the exhibition "Kollane koridor" at Looming Hostel, but unfortunately, due to the current world situation, many people couldn't attend. Do I want to curate exhibitions on a larger scale? It depends on how large we're talking about, what the conditions are, and who the artists are, but I believe I would be capable. I definitely plan to expand beyond Estonia in the future, but initially, it would be exciting to accomplish something in Scandinavia. Since I'm in the early stages of my curatorial career and there is still much unknown to me in this field, I would likely seek assistance from another pair of eyes if working on larger venues.

- Ingmar Roomets

Ingmar has been a influential figure in my journey as an artist, providing support and guidance whenever I've needed it. Through his involvement, one of my works, "No. 34," made its way to the exhibition at Elva Cultural Center. This piece has been previously exhibited at my solo exhibition "Oktavian" during the Gallery Night vol.2 and Gallery Night vol.3 events at Aparaaditehas in Tartu.


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