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Painting instructor at Wise summer days

In the last six months, I have ended up guiding painting thanks to the lovely leaders of the Paintbar Studio, Anni and Mihkel. Once a quarter, I always find myself in the role of a teacher in front of a new crowd. Passing on the technical side is not even a priority for me at such events, but rather I encourage people to let themselves go in front of the canvas and believe in themselves. The biggest obstacle is the person themselves and the mentality "I can't paint, I'm not the kind of person who could ever create art". Imposing a negative label on oneself usually doesn't foster development and as a guide, I do my best to make the brush move freely and with joyous self-confidence.

The greatest experience was coordinating a communal painting in the midst of thousands of people at the Wise summer days. Half a minute to get acquainted and already throwing paint.

-photo from Paintbar's Instagram

I highly recommend Paintbar, and you can get to know them here:


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