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Ralf Sannikov's solo exhibition "Oktavian"

The RedWall Digital organized my first solo exhibition "Oktavian" at Aparaaditehas in Tartu as part of both Galeriide Öö vol.2 and Galeriide Öö vol.3 events. The exhibition featured approximately 20 expressionistic paintings created between 2020 and 2021. Surprisingly, almost half of the artworks found new homes - three were selected for the Innsbruck ART 2021 exhibition in Austria, one was auctioned for charity, and the rest were acquired by art enthusiasts in Estonia.

The choice of the name "Oktavian" was inspired by my long-standing desire to name my first son Oktavian Sannikov, although this is likely to happen in the distant future. Therefore, I took the opportunity to group my initial body of work under this meaningful name.

"Creativity is also a theme for Sannikov, who is otherwise involved in photography. He uses an expressive and energetic painting style to explore his more creative side. Regarding the exhibition that will be displayed in the corridors of Aparaaditehas, he writes: "The theme of the exhibition is the human being. Not a specific existing individual, but simply a general representation of all of us. Each artwork has its own emotion - its own face. Since people often do not truly understand themselves, it is difficult to express emotions in such limited forms as speech or writing. However, on canvas, it is remarkably easier, and that is what I have done. Strong brushstrokes, intense emotions, painting with hands, using a painting knife or a trowel in a dimly lit room, creating an image and then "destroying" it - I have not limited myself, it is all just me."

- RedWall Digital

Estonian Artists' Association about it:


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