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Ralf Sannikov's exhibition "Invisible"

Until September 30 (2022), Ralf Sannikov's exhibition "Invisible" is open on the windows of Saue's Town Hall.
The idea behind the name of the exhibition: Contemplating in oneself, one foot in front of the other, the horizon in sight, and always hurrying. That's how the average person walks and doesn't notice many details around them. Often, however, we notice when we are noticed, especially when a whole crowd of people do it. We like to go without taking strangers' judgments with us. It's no longer possible to walk invisibly past the windows of Saue Town Hall because art notices you. Those canvases on the windows look with probing glances and if you look back long enough, you may find yourself experiencing new and strange emotions. In front of them, although alone, you are seen.
Ralf Sannikov, the creator of expressionistic art, has been capturing his emotions on canvas for the last few years and has also reached abroad. This year he has been more contemplative, tinkering and spending days and nights in high, dim studio spaces among his works. According to him, the canvas is like a mirror. The result is personal, but on the other hand, it extends to all people. Each of us has felt sadness, excitement, joy, loss and all this and more can be seen in the eyes of the paintings.
Ralf believes that the easiest way to catch emotions is through oil and spray paints, as it is said to be balanced chaos. He is confident in his style and plans to roll this ball for the next 50 years. From the piles of works, a select few make it to the public, and so they are on display here in Saue.

- Saue Culture and Leisure Centre


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